Hive concerts

an insect-human-intervention

Till Bovermann (2013, 2016)

Hive concerts are events dedicated to making music with sounds captured from bee hives.

In 2013 and 2016, international sound artists used sounds captured within a bee colony as material for their own digital instruments, creating an intriguing, inspiring and relaxing soundscape, perfect to listen to, relax and discuss. Artists so far included:

For a long-term artistic intervention, the beehives of the Hexa-Hive Village near Ossinlampi hosted piezo-based microphones capturing the inner vibrations of the hive.

Excerpts of the concert (2013).

Raw recordings from the hive (2013).

Melliferopolis and Hexa-Hive Village with Airstrip for Bees are an intervention series by Christina Stadlbauer and Ulla Taipale. It was supported by Kone Foundation, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Helsinki City Cultural Centre, Poikilo Museum, Kouvolan Betoni Oy and Metsäpirtin multa — Helsingin seudun ympäristöpalvelut.

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