Office-sounds workshop

think paper prototypes, but different.

Till Bovermann (2016)

Our environment is full of sounding objects, we only have to grasp them and listen carefully. Focusing on the everyday office materials, participants of this workshop explore the worlds of sound amplification and alteration. In several group tasks, we will discover the “secret sound properties” of the tools ans materials surrounding us in our day-to-day environment.

Based on sounds originating either directly from the found objects or being amplified and processed by microphones, audio transducers and (computer) audio effects, we will explore acoustic features, create experimental make-shift instruments, and use them in short informal performances.

Participants work together in small groups on unusual challenges, taking home new insights on sound generation and ideas on how already a limited set of materials can be used to create a broad diversity of sounds and music.

duration of the workshop: 4-6 hours


provided either by host or participants

please do not buy anything, just bring what you find.

*Look out for all kinds of paper and cardboard; simply everything you can find at home and fits into your bag. Please not only corrugated cardboard.

  • pencil
  • scissors
  • X-Acto knive & cutting board
  • a metal ruler
  • rubber bands
  • folding legs
  • glue
  • Laptop
  • headphones
  • if you have, any guitar effects and insert cables to plug into a mixer

provided by host

  • stereo PA with 8 phantom-powered XLR inputs
  • 3 desktop mixers with XLR inputs
  • office space with its usual equipment and materials (paper, computer, printer, fax, etc.)
  • tables
  • chairs

provided by workshop leader

  • generic and special microphones (e.g. contact, vibration, hydro, EM)
  • pocket amplifiers
  • additional materials