Fielding workshop @ NEXT

Live Coding and Sonic (Wilderness) Intervention

Till Bovermann (2017)

This workshop builds on and extends Fielding, a platform intended to facilitate inter-species music making developed by Till Bovermann for his Sonic Wilderness Interventions. Non-human performers influence Fielding by means of environmental sensors built into the nodes, whereas human performers shape its sonic qualities structurally by forming sentences of a sonic alphabet.1

By using their laptops as nodes of a local Fielding network, participants of the workshop will get insights in how to co-create artificial soundscapes for found (un-)locations by means of textual and gestural interfaces.

Since this workshop relies partially on livecoding techniques in SuperCollider, basic knowledge about software sound synthesis in e.g. Max/MSP, Pd or SuperCollider is recommended but not required.


  • 1st day: 12h-18h
  • 2nd day: 10h-16h, 16h onwards: open house / public performance of participants

To bring (per participant)

  • Laptop with installed SuperCollider
  • Webcam (either built-in or external)
  • Headphones

Provided material

  • Fielding Software Platform
  • sonically/aesthetically interesting yet quite space (provided by host))
  • PA (or active speaker, provided by host)
  • electricity outlets for all participants (provided by host)
  • internet (ethernet cable, provided by host)

Report post

  1. Fielding uses Steno for the high-level representation. It is implemented in SuperCollider