Paper instrument workshop

paper prototypes, but with sound.

Till Bovermann (2016)

Explorations of sound amplification and alteration with a particular focus on paper as central sonic object.

Course contents

Explorations into sonic qualities of paper

  • Active listening to raw, unaltered and unamplified sounds of paper when folded, crumpled, or just slightly bent.
  • Build a repertoire of gestures and techniques fopr paper-based sounds.
  • Extent sonic range by adding extremely sensible contact microphones (provided) to pick up structure-based sounds.
  • Conceptualising and building “instruments” from paper.

Performance skills

  • performance practice with experimental make-shift instruments in solo and group settings
  • explore and identify sonic gestures


Duration: 0.5 – 2 days (depending on level of expertise of participants and how detailed the course should be)

To bring (per participant)

  • laptop with installed SuperCollider
  • audio interface with phantom power
  • headphones
  • found/collected paper and cardboard

Provided material

  • contact micropohones
  • microphones

To be provided by the host

  • tables and chairs
  • electricity outlets for each participant
  • PA
  • audio mixer with at least 6 stereo inputs
  • reasonably quite space