Axoloti workshop

embedded, jo!

Till Bovermann (2016)

The Axoloti core is a standalone and powerful microcontroller board designed specifically for realtime sound production and manipulation. With its various interfaces (stereo in and out, USB-MIDI, analog inputs) and a dedicated graphical programming environment, it allows for rapid prototyping of new musical instruments that are immediatly ready to be played.

After an introduction to instrument design and playing and making experimental electronic music, we will dive right into building an instrument with the Axoloti.

This course relies on availability of Axoloti cores. Depending on group size, it is possible to work in pairs of two on one axoloti board, cutting material costs by 40%.

Duration: 4 hours

To bring (per participant)

  • Laptop
  • Headphones

Material provided by Till Bovermann

  • Axoloti, USB cables
  • PA / headphones
  • Computer with Axoloti editor

To be provided by host

  • PA
  • audio mixer
  • space