Livecoding workshop

your personal drone music

Till Bovermann (2016)

Live coders expose and rewire the innards of software while it generates improvised music and/or visuals. […] Live coding works across musical genres, and has been seen in concert halls, late night jazz bars, as well as algoraves. []

In this workshop, we will look into live coding practice with SuperCollider, a programming language and IDE for interactive audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, used by an international community of musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound.

After a sound sensitization phase, participants will get to know building blocks for ambient and drone music within SuperCollider. The following hands-on part will be complemented by a presentation of groups playing their soundscapes to each other.

Duration: 4 hours

To bring (per participant)

  • Laptop (OSX, Linux, Windows) with SuperCollider 3.7 / 3.8 installed
  • Headphones

To be provided by host

  • PA
  • audio mixer
  • Space