Sonic Intervention Wilderness

— being in the field

2015, ongoing by Till Bovermann, Antye Greie-Ripatti, Anja Erdmann, Annie Go, Caspar Ström, Darsha Hewitt, Dinah Bird, Inge Vanden Kroonenberg, Jacob Remin, Katharina Hauke, Kristina Lindström, Lee Patterson, Peter Kirn, Vygandas Simbelis

A place is a “Sonic Intervention Wilderness” (SIW), if it is unknown to me in a specific sense: SIW describes an environment that appears sonically uncanny, alien, sublime, independent of the familiarity it might have to me in a different context. I wrote a more detailed description on SIW back in 2016.

Timeline Link to heading

  • 2015 — Antye, Till, Dinah, Anja, Kristina, Vygandas, and Caspar came together to engage in a series of sonic wilderness interventions with portable electronic instruments within the hybrid ecology surrounding the lake and settlement of Kilpisjärvi, located close to the three-nation corner of Finland, Sweden and Norway. They collected their impressions in a report.
  • 2016 — Till, Antye, Anja, Annie, Darsha, Inge, Jacob, Katharina, Lee, and Peter met on the small island Hailuoto to engage and search for sonic wilderness. A report can be found here.
  • 2016 — Till gave a talk on SIW at ZKM Karlsruhe.
  • 2016 — Till wrote a text about the shifting personal conception of a site.
  • 2017 — Till made a sketch for an SIW score.
  • 2017 — Till and Antye wrote a text on Instrumentality in Sonic Wild{er}ness that turned out a chapter of the book Musical Instruments in the 21st century — Identities, Configurations, Practices. It was published by Springer.
  • 2017 — Till compiled a radio show for Framework Radio, based on material collected by all participants throughout the two prior field sessions.