Chip Interpretations

how does silicon sound?

Till Bovermann, Dave Griffiths (2012)

What does computation sound like, and how can computational processing be integrated into live-coding practice along with code? We tackled these questions in three years of artistic research and performance practice. Betablocker, an imaginary central processing unit architecture, speci cally designed and implemented for live-coding purposes was the basis of our research. Chip interpretations attempts to find a coherent sonic gestalt of digital material, utilizing a (fictional) CPU that treats arbitrary input data (encoded as a series of 8bit values) as its program on which it generates continuous sonic output.

Chip interpretation and live coding is the basis for various compositions and performances of Dave Griffiths and Till Bovermann.

BBWS, Till Bovermann (2015)

In 2014, a paper was published on Chip Interpretations in the Computer Music Journal entitled Computation as Material in Live Coding.

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