KMA 123


Welcome in our home! On this page you’ll find all information you need to make the most of KMA123.



On 15.7.2020

between 10h-12h

there will be a person coming to look at various meters inside the flat. Among others, these are the water meters and the heating meters (on the batteries).

It usually does not take longer than about 5min but they need access to all the meters, i.e. things in front of the meters should be cleared away. This is particularly important for the water meters in the kitchen (see photo).

It would be really great if you could be there during that time and let the people into the flat.

Thank you!

Water meters in the kitchen, please remove glasses before the service people arrive.


The white box on the floor in the hallway.

  • WhiteNoise
  • muckilein


Please do not bring any bikes upstairs. There is a Bike shed inside (on ground floor, left side). Park your bike there. Please remember to lock the room, we had cases of thievery there.

Post and mail

It would be great of you could occationally have a look into our letterbox in the entrance area of the building and notify us if there is anything there. Just take a photo of the envelope and send it to us. Thanks!

The mailbox key is the small one on the left in this image.


The red floor is beautiful but has two flaws:

  1. It is rather cold, so use woolen socks (there are some in the hallway)
  2. It cannot deal with lots of water. Please, if there is water on the floor, remove it with a cloth, and do not put wet shoes or other wet items on it. Use the bathroom instead.

Drying clothes and ventilation

The flat is generally a little wet, so please make sure to ventilate the rooms at least once a day (open many windows for 10-15min). Dry your clothes on the foldable wooden rack, e.g. in the living room. We found that an additional tumbling (turn the dial to “Pumpen/Schleudern”) reduces the time for drying to 1-2 days.


Good news! The plants in the kitchen are getting their water automatically. Please have a look roughly every four weeks and refill the tank in the corner box. Just plain water from the tap, please.

All other plants (kitchen, bathroom) would need some water every week or so. We and the plants would be grateful if you could provide it to them occationally!


Please sort your garbage like this:

  • plastic and metal (washed) into the big box in the back
  • organic waste (without plastic bags, please) into the brown box with the lid
  • paper into the paper box in the closet to the left
  • glas to the glas box next to the window
  • everything else into the small box

The garbage containers outside are the left ones in the photo (taken from our kitchen window). You need the general house key to open the gate.

For some of the trash containers, an additional key is needed: it is the one with the squarish shape labelled “PALUTKE”.

Please separate your garbage as follows:

  • plastic and metal (washed) into one of the “Wertstoff” boxes
  • organic waste (without plastic bags, please) into the single garbage bin with the brown lid
  • paper into the “Papier” box that is labelled “KMA 123, 125” (or something along that)
  • white glass to “Weissglas”, other glass to “Grünglas”
  • everything else to “Restmüll” labelled “KMA 123, 125” (or something along that)

Kitchen and cleaning appliances

Oven and stove

The stove uses gas. There is a lighter somewhere next to it (with a long snout). You can use that to start the oven, too.

To start the oven,

  • open the lid on the bottom the oven (inside),
  • press and turn the oven-related knob and light up the heater pipes behind the lid, and
  • wait a little and let go of the knob.

There are additional oven plates in the drawer below the oven.

Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is in one of the seating boxes in the kitchen corner. Just lift the lid and take it out.


The dishwasher is straight-forward to use (and is save to be used while being away):

  • while still off, add about one spoon of cleaning powder from the box in the cupboard below the sink to the compartment and close it.
  • make sure that the small window next to the cleaning powder compartment is not completely light. If so, add “Klarspüler”.
  • close the machine
  • press the on/off button (left-most) and wait a second; the machine takes a little to turn on
  • the program should be “Auto”
  • press start
  • wait (about 2h)

The dishwasher cleaning powder box is the one on the right side of this photo.

Washing machine

The washing machine is straight-forward to use. There is cleaning powder in the closet next to it (“sonett”). Do not add too much powder to it, it’ll complain otherwise.


We made some space in the closet for your items.

Have a wonderful stay!

Till & Mila