Moss rocks for a sonic terrarium

24 February 2014

Now that I am working at UdK for the 3DMIN project, I started looking into musical instrument for moments of solitude (mimos). I plan to do several prototypes, each dealing with one specific aspect of my environment, incorporating artefacts that have a symbolic meaning for the player (in this case, this is me). One of the first prototypes will be a mini terrarium populated by various shadow-seeking plants that I connect to the Berlin urban environment. I yet have to find out how the actual interaction with the system will work, but I think it will be a long-term experience where playing is segmented into multiple sessions rather than short unrelated intermissions.

In the preparation for this instrument, I prepared basalt rocks I found at a local Shisha store with a coating made from moss, beer and yoghurt, all fully organic and local, i.e. bought from a local supplier respectively scrapped from a concrete wall next to Kleistpark here in Schöneberg.

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