Prototype pillow

24 February 2013

Based on the initial impressions we collected in Imatra, we did do some instrument prototypes, particular focusing on shapes and haptics. Having a bunch of different design sketches, we (for now) decided on a portable yet fairly large pillow. It is asymmetric, soft and has a hole that fits an arm. People we gave it to were first a bit irritated by the strange form, smilingly commenting on its “odd shape” and asking for the purpose. After a short time, they tried different ways on how to wear it and hugged it, eyes closed. We think, this is a great reaction: by shaping the pillow in an unusual, slightly funny way, the barrier of touching and exploring it are lowered. This will support people to access the planned sonic capabilities; for now, however, the pillow does not contain any electronics or sound-generation.

image image image image