Inspiration Table

25 January 2013

We dedicated a table in the TAI studio to things that might inspire our work on the DEIND project. Currently, we collected the following items:

musical instruments

  • audio sniffer – a headphone amp connected to a an oscilloscope front-end. Useful to listen to circuits without affecting their inner behaviour.
  • benjolin – an analogue synthesizer featuring mainly noise and blips designed by Rob Hordijk and Joker Nies.
  • buddha machines – One-button synthesizer in a small plastic box that plays meditative music..
  • cracklebox – The Cracklebox was probably the first commercially available portable self-powered alternative ‘keyboard’ analog audio synthesizer featuring a build-in speaker. Produces mainly glitchy sounds.
  • eowave ribbon – a ribbon controller with build-in mini synth.


design tools

  • ideo method cards – a large selection of design methods printed on cards to sort, select and work along.
  • feature cards – ongoing project in which we collect features for possible instruments.
  • controller booklet – a modular booklet with controller layouts.
  • bubbles – soap bubbles. inspiring.
  • glass object – an experiment gone wrong: if you try to melt an RFID chip to glass, it will turn into black dust inside glass.

technical items


Legend assotiating objects on the inspiration table with their names.