Wanted: recommendations of electronic music made by people that are mentally special (some call it challenged)

12 July 2012

I am searching for electronic music activities of mentally special (some call it challenged) people. Anyone has links or recommendations?

What I have so far

  • Reynols

    Quite apart from the mythical status that group members Alan Courtis and Roberto Conlazo have conferred on their drummer, 39 year old Miguel Tomasin, who suffers from Down’s Syndrome (though, as we shall see, “suffers” is not a word Conlazo and Courtis would accept to describe Tomasin’s extraordinary abilities and sense of reality), these are the guys whose first album was a “dematerialised CD” – i.e. an empty CD box – and who were nearly arrested by the local police for plugging their guitars into a pumpkin and not playing in public.