Towards screen prints

05 February 2012

For various reasons, I am interested in screen printing, so I decided to give it a go. Once you have the needed material (and a frame with just something in it, for now), it is rather easy. I used white cloth and tried to layer colors. Eventually, I want to produce a colored print made of three (CMY) or four (CMYK) layers. For now, however, I only had opaque colors at hand. Below, you see some photos of the proposed design and the test outcomes.

The actual scraping area of this wooden scraper is made of rubber. Depending on how many times you scrape it, more or less paint is transferred to the cloth.

When ironing, make sure to use a paper in between the iron and the cloth. As seen below, the paper should be chosen such that it does not connect to the paint, unless you are after this effect.

Here are some mockups of the design that I want to produce.