06 February 2012

I was lazy in posting over the last two months but I had reasons:

  • Together with Christian Leichsenring and René Tünnermann, I wrote an article for DIS 2012 on our findings from the summer setup called Supporting Peripheral Awareness between Non-Colocated Spaces. Let’s hope that it’ll go through; the acceptance rate of that conference is quite tough.
  • As many others, I used the first month of the year to do another iteration on my research statement by refining it based on recent readings. Now it could be called The active turn in phenomenological realism by means of tangible & auditory interfaces.
  • Based on my interests in patterns and tilings, I made some initial experiments towards screen printing and pattern design. Let’s hope it’ll get somewhere soon. Quite excited about this one.
  • Related to this, I dived into the do’s and don’t of machine embroidery, looking for open formats, converters between vector files and stitching files, etc. Why? Because I think generative designs in varying materials (paper, cloth, sound, etc.) will bring me further towards my initial goals in the materiality research effort.
  • Anemos Sonore will be shown at the SuperCollider Symposium in London this April! Now is the time to set up the system and start building the poles for it.
  • Out of a brief talk at the Monday meeting at Design Dept., a chance for a cooperation with ceramics designers came into sight. It’s all still vague but I am optimistic about it. Also, Piia Rossi is interested joining in which might end up in a collaborative system for sharing loneliness.
  • Luckily, MENEM, a workshop and exhibition on Media of Energy and Emotions got funded by the Media Factory; it is most likely to be held in November 2012 and I am part of the team for it. Initial kick-off meeting tomorrow. Thank you, Karthikeya Acharya, to include me here.
  • Alongside the redesign of the modality webpage, I started to rethink modality. More on this in a future post. A TAI-studio page for this is much needed.
  • Wednesday open studio meetings started very good this year: the last two where visited fairly well, I had about 7 people dropping by on each.

So now that it’s out there, I have no reason to postpone writing about what I am doing next. Stay tuned!