M.A.R.I.N. residency & Anemos Sonore

11 June 2011

I am currently on a residency on a private island in the Naantali region where I work on Anemos Sonore. Luckily, the ordered windcell kits arrived just in time so that I am now in the happy situation to try out different setups.

Over the first two days, there was plenty of wind, whereas the following two days were without any wind. Now, after a small thunderstorm, the weather is much nicer (i.e. less hot and more wind), and I hope to try out the 3rd iteration of the Anemos Sonore setup. The recording below is from the 2nd version, a setup consisting of a wooden board, about 2.5m long, standing upright in the wind. Varying the direction according to the wind changes the sound from non-existent over flageolette-like to low-frequency whawha’s. Built upon the experience with it, the 3rd generation is made out of a wooden stick. It’s vibrating band is removable and the sensor unit is attached much higher such that less energy is produced, as I am not interested in the energy but in the signal’s quality.

Next steps in the project will be to get more hearing experience and then try to find interesting filter setups to manipulate the sound such that specific aspect will emerge.