Into Raw Materials: Intentions, Influences, and Aims

06 March 2011

As promised, here is an attempt to briefly explain my intentions for the project on (raw) materials.


Find similarities, respectively a link between digital and physical raw material:

  • Mentally grasp natural behavior/character of raw materials e.g. by feedback induction (on various levels).
  • Find a way to transfer these insights and the developed methods to digital materials.
  • What does it mean to induce e.g. feedback (as an example for one method) into digital raw material?
  • How does it sound?
  • How to combine these insights in both “digital” and “physical” raw material into a framework that helps to build physical interfaces for the exploration of the sonic character of digital raw materials?

In my opinion (and closely related to my efforts for the [intlink id=”508″ type=”post”]open research experiment[/intlink]), it is key to document the process carefully. In difference to the storyboard project, I see this project more as an art-related research project, since I find it quite difficult (and also insufficient) to scientifically define (maybe on an HCI level), what I am after.

I guess this opens up more questions than it answers (at least, it does so for me).