Sketch for an SIW score

A score following my thoughts on sonic intervention wilderness.

Preparation Link to heading

  • Decide on the place where the SIW intervention should take place and gather a group of sound artists.
  • Everyone should bring one or two mobile (experimental) sound-making objects: one of them should be simple enough for others to play, one should be her chosen instrument for this intervention.
  • The instruments should be light and possibly self-contained. Light yet robust material with multiple uses is preferable over heavy, single-purpose items. Electronic instruments should be self-powered and energy-efficient. Amplification might be needed but kept to a managable size.

Session 1 (30min) Link to heading

  • Start the intervention by giving space to the place. Take it in, listen, observe. Unpack your instrument(s) and find a spot you want to play. Use your ears more than your eyes. Make yourself comfortable, find balance. Breath.
  • Start playing subtly, e.g. by taking up rythms you hear or imitating sonic elements. Try to blend your sounds with the existing soundscape. Take your time to unfold your sonic spectrum. Make your performance a careful embrace and interpretation of what is already there.
  • After some time, slowly turn to a next level and complement, extend, and alter the surrounding soundscape. Grant space to others, listen to them and take particular note of your most prominent playing partner: the place you are at.
  • When you recognise an ending, take it. Make it similar to the beginning: humble, and actively listening.

Break (15min) Link to heading

  • Have a break, maybe have some tea or beer. Talk to others, collect their thoughts, ask and answer questions about the instruments you picked, why the fit to the place. Swap instruments.

Session 2 (30min) Link to heading

  • Repeat as in Session 1, only now at a slightly different spot and with a different instrument.